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Leadership and Civility Training Led By Treasurer Hayes Wins National Award

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Civic engagement experts, senior foundation officials, and political thought leaders spotlight Terry's civility training program as best in the nation

BUCKFIELD — A civility training program for Democratic and Republican legislators from across in the country, which Maine’s independent State Treasurer Terry Hayes helps to lead, has won the National Civvy Award.

“I was honored to co-facilitate civility trainings that helped Democratic and Republican lawmakers develop their skills and become more collaborative and constructive leaders in their states and communities,” said Hayes. “How we do things matters and it often makes the difference between gridlock and getting results for the taxpayers who’ve hired us to do good public policy work.”

Hayes has earned the respect of people across the political spectrum for her no-nonsense, non-partisan leadership, and for her work to restore civility in politics. Hayes serves as a co-chair of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, a nonpartisan organization that promotes civility at all levels of government and in the media. Hayes is a trained facilitator for the Institute and has led workshops on civility in Maine and throughout the country. The civility training program that won the Civvy Award was co-produced by the State Legislative Leaders Foundation, the National Foundation for Women Legislators, and the National Institute for Civil Discourse.

The Civvy Awards are the first national awards program designed to highlight organizations and individuals that leverage collaboration as a key strength in building initiatives that improve communities. Driven by a panel of civic engagement experts, including former members of Congress, senior managers from top foundations and political thought leaders, the Civvys highlight best practices in collective action that put community and nation before party, ideology and narrow interests.

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